Citing sources: Exercises


Report what the author says about the lack of a wide variety of plants and animals in the UK.


Owing to the accident of recent geological history the flora and fauna of Britain itself is in many ways impoverished and still recovering from the last Ice Age; contrast the handful of native trees here with the thousands in a tropical rain forest, or even the hundreds in the temperate forests of western China. It is the same with many animal groups.

(J E Milner, "Why is it absolutely necessary to go on naming names?", The Independent, 1/8/89, page 5)


Milner (1989) argues that the lack of British flowers and animals in comparison to the wide range found in other climates is a result of the most recent Ice Age.


Milner, J. E. (1989, August 1). Why is it absolutely necessary to go on naming names? The Independent, p. 5.