Instruction Words

Matching exercise

Choose the correct instruction word from the definitions on the left.
discuss and explain in what ways X is true and in what ways X is not true.
take apart an idea, concept or statement in order to consider all the factors it consists of.
set items side by side and show their similarities and differences.
describe and give your thoughts on the subject.
give only the reasons for a position or argument. Answer the main objections likely to be made of them.
give the reasons for the subject of the question.
explain the precise meaning of a concept.
state and briefly describe in logical or chronological order the stages (steps) in the development of something
express the relevant points briefly and clearly without lengthy discussion or minor details.
decide and explain how great, valuable or important something is.
give the main points and not the details about a subject.
give examples to demonstrate or prove the subject of the question.
give a rather detailed and exact explanation of an idea or principle, or a set of reasons for a situation or attitude.
point out mistakes or weaknesses, and indicate any favourable aspects of the subject of the question.
explain an item or concept, and give details about it
point out only the differences between two items.
explain what something means, make it clear (lucid).
examine the subject thoroughly and consider it from a variety of viewpoints.
demonstrate the logical arguments and evidence connected with a proposition.
says what something is like, how it works and so on.