Academic English Needs: Reading

Use the following table to find out what your academic English language needs for reading are and your ability in each area. You can then work out your priorities.


How important is it for you to perform these tasks well in English?

How well can you perform these tasks in English?


Not important

Quite important

Very important


Not at all

Not well

Quite well

Very well


1. Reading textbooks


2. Reading journal articles


3. Reading magazine or newspaper articles


4. Reading works of literature


5. Reading handouts


6. Reading workbook instructions


7. Reading laboratory or computer manuals


8. Reading texts forming part of exam questions.


9. Reading to get specific information for assignments

10. Reading to check information                
11. Reading for clarification                
12. Reading to support a position                

13. Reading to establish and evaluate author's position

14. Reading critically                

15. Reading quickly and efficiently


16. Understanding vocabulary


17. Reading aloud


18. Reading and answering questions


20. Taking notes


21. Other reading activity (please specify)