Proof-reading: Correct word or form of word.


Choose the correct word form in each case in the following text:

In recent/recently years, there has been a dramatic/drama proliferation/proliferate of research concerned with the accuracy/accurate and reliability/reliable of eyewitness reports. This research has documented the importance/important of a number of variables of which one of the most interesting/interest and powerful is exposure/expose to postevent information/inform, which includes all addition/additional related information to which a person is exposed after witnessing an event. Loftus and Palmer (1974) reported that the natural/nature of questions asked a witness could systematic/systematically affect the report of details of that event. Subjects viewed films of automobile collide/collisions and subsequently were quizzed about the speeds at which the vehicles involved were travel/travelling. Speed extimate/estimates varied with the verb used in the interrogatory sentence. Specific/Specifically, estimates of the magnitude of speed were altered when the verbs smashed, collided, bumped, hit, and contacted were employed. These verbs were apparent/apparently interpreted as imply/implying different degrees of contact and caused the different estimates. Similar results have been obtained by vary/varying the adverb employed (Lipscomb, Bregman, & McAllister, in press). Loftus and Palmer have consistent/consistently argued that these effects are the result of an alter/alteration of the memory of the witnessed event produced by the introduction of postevent information/inform. Although such an explain/explanation is consistent with available data, so too is a somewhat more parsimonious explain/explanation.

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