The elephant and the mouse

Multiple-choice exercise

Read the text and choose the correct answer for each question.

____(1)____ Elephant and ____(2)____ Mouse

___(3)_____ elephant and ____(4)____ mouse fell in love and decided to get married.
When ____(5)____ elephant told her father, he said 'Don't be silly, ____(6)____ elephant cannot marry ____(7)____ mouse.'
When ___(8)_____ mouse told his mother, she said 'Don't be silly, ____(9)____ mice do not marry ____(10)____ elephants.'
So ____(11)____ elephant, who was very musical, became ____(12)____ pianist, and ___(13)_____ mouse, who had ____(14)____ good voice, became ____(15)____ singer. They toured ___(16)_____ world together for ____(17)____ many years, giving ___(18)_____ concerts and bringing ____(19)____ pleasure to everyone who heard them.

Moral: There is more than one way to live in ____(20)____ harmony.