Accuracy in EAP

Proofreading: Articles


Identify the countable nouns in this text.


Four students - a chemist, a physicist, a mathematician and a humanities graduate - were each given a barometer and told to measure the height of a church tower. The chemist knew all about gases. He measured the air pressures at the top and bottom of the tower with his barometer and from the barely perceptible difference produced an answer of "anywhere between 0 and 60m". The physicist was used to handling expensive equipment casually. He dropped his barometer off the tower and timed its fall, calculating the height as 27-33m. The mathematician compared the length of the tower's shadow with that of the barometer, arriving at a height of 30-30.5m. The humanities graduate sold the barometer, bought the verger a few drinks with the money, and soon found out that the tower was 30.4m tall exactly.