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Nouns: Identying Postmodifiers

noun + postmodifier

relative clause - students who have no previous experience

to-clauses - the ability to succeed; the question to be debated

a brake consisting of a drum divided into twelve compartments

ed-clauses - canoes preserved by a hard plaster; a brake consisting of a drum divided into twelve compartments; the curve shown

prepositional phrase (preposition + nominal group)- we need to bring to the box a special tool with a ready-compressed spring

adverb (or adverbial group) - the road back; the people outside

adjective (or adjectival group) - varieties common in India, the festival proper, something different

Identify the Postmodifiers in the following texts


Embryology proper really began a century later with Aristotle ... (adverb)

  1. ... an extreme example of this kind of distortion 

  2. ... for flights going on as part of the fifth freedom.

  3. ... in a ward with less emphasis on the differences between night and day

  4. Another major problem that we must consider is ... 

  5. ... the President's speech yesterday. 

  6. ... the solution to the problem of inflation. 

  7. ... of actions required by authority ... 

  8. ... continually facing a problem which is very familiar to anthropologists ...: 

  9. ... figure including a space between three lines ...

  10. ... its rooms and gardens full of refuse

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