Grammar in EAP



All finite clauses require a subject and a predicate.  Which of the following clauses do not have a subject and a predicate? Try to correct them.

  1. The only really important biography.
  2. Superficial disturbances of the established order or recurring events of unchanging significance.
  3. What such an influence might be.
  4. Near whose hand lay the little treasure he hoped to save, was discovered crouched between the pillars of the hypocaust of chamber 5.
  5. The wealth of new publications and theories which followed the assimilation by anthropologists of Darwin's discoveries.
  6. The poets Czeslaw Milosz and Donald Davie.
  7. Nuclear power  appreciable greenhouse-gas emissions.
  8. Disturbed bishops gathered in synod at Antioch.
  9. Many valuable drugs.
  10. That a selfish individual can wrest from living in a group constitute rather a miscellaneous list.

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