Grammar in EAP


Clauses: Identifying Elements

Identify the elements (SPCA) in the following clauses.

  1. The only really important biography was that of George V by Harold Nicolson, which had been published in 1952.
  2. The fault element for many serious offences is intent or recklessnes.
  3. In the mid-third century Bishop Stephen of Rome asserted that all should observe the tradition of Peter and Paul.
  4. Hence it is not always true that the natural way of classifying a set of objects is hierarchical.
  5. For example, we place the small cats in one genus, felis, and the large cats in a different one, panthera.
  6. An orthodox chromosomal gene and a venereally transmitted virus agree with one another in wanting their host to copulate.
  7. The therapist interviewed her eldest son and telephoned her general practitioner.
  8. Admission to a psychiatric unit was not thought necessary.
  9. A radical change in the law relating to British nationality was effected by the British Nationality Act 1948.
  10. An alien woman does not, as formerly, assume British citizenship automatically on marriage to a British citizen.

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